December 9, 2009

quick glance

Explored the dark masses in the hair and shadows to frame the face and define its shape.  Abandoned any use of outlines throughout, relying rather on value contrasts, edges, and directional lines to define the flow of hair, shape of the head and face, and shawl...

This sketching approach of defining masses with value and directional lines, rather than trying to draw a person, actually took less time and energy, and felt much more connected, spontaneous, and flowed more naturally and meditatively than previous efforts.

December 7, 2009

composition study

Quick value and composition study (20 min)....just long enough to sneak sips of Moonstone Asian Pear Sake from the still life.... :)))

Value and composition study | Sushi and Manga at Silhoette

Value study  seeking large abstract value masses and interesting shapes.

Silhouette sushi bar with big screen Manga animation movies playing nonstop.... :)))

Sketchbook notes

Quick gestural sketch (under 5 min) looking for value masses and thinking in terms of foreground (glass and backpack), middle ground (seated figures) and background (suggested room and people with pictures and windows about 30' away).   It is much more interesting, fun, and fluid to sketch this way, as opposed to becoming distracted by details and drawing defining the value masses and simplifying the details the "identity" and nature of the subject and objects emerge spontaneously.....

Sketchbook notes

Sketchbook notes:   composition basics:

1. Crop for drama
2. Look for value masses
3. Design divisions with rhythm
4. Keep shapes interesting
5. Avoid attracting attention to the edges
6  Create depth with overlap
7. Watch the corners
8. Create an entrance
9. Organize your masses
10.  Organize eye movement with gradations
11. Use straight lines  to balance and "seat" curves
12. Think foreground, middle ground, and background

Quick thumbnail value sketch (10 min or less) looking for value masses, interesting shapes, and balance...

December 3, 2009

composition studies | evening interiors

Silhouette Sushi Restaurant | Congress Ave
copyright 2009 b. scott shaevel | studio712; This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Zen Japanese Fast Food restaurant | SoCo
copyright 2009 b. scott shaevel | studio712; This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Focus of study: Composition

In honor of the winter months the studio process will include a foundational shift from "sketch hunting" to "composition hunting". The end objective in mind is to focus less on the "subject matter" and look behind it to the arrangement of shapes on the picture plane and the creation of visual flow within a sketch or painting. A shift from the effort to create an engaging and recognizable sketch through object-driven drawing....drawing a person, a building, a tree, a plant, a bicycle, "Jo's coffee Shop", exploring the range and visual dynamics of the picture plane, regardless of the subject matter at hand.

The primary instructional resource is Ian Roberts' text: Mastering Composition: Techniques and Principles to Dramatically Improve Your Painting.

The primary exercise is the "composition a day"'s not intended to be a regimented focus on creating at least one composition a day....but rather the intention that whenever engaged in the creative "hunt" that the focus embodies "a sketch journal adventure exploring and falling in love with the world one composition @ a time".