March 30, 2009


If it's true that "21 days makes a habit" then March '09 was all about placing both feet, first one then the other, with mindful attention, on the path of the sketch hunter and artist. This sketch journal marks the trail and the expanding ripples of adventure and connectivity as they emerge and evolve.

Spring is here! The excitement of longer days and milder weather in store.

April, '09 is dedicated to focused self-study to strengthen my visual vocabulary and reconnect with my creative voice through the practice of:

- Basic drawing skills, including control of value, line, and composition as expressed in the sketch
- Color theory and it's application to expressive plein air drawing and painting
- Exploration of media and tools in service of an agile mobile studio

and participation in:
- Figurative drawing groups
- Plein air painting group

In a nutshell....learning to See and to deeply appreciate and enjoy the view and people along the way...


  1. Outstanding!!! Thanks for sharing your reflections.

  2. You know, so many people go though life in this quiet desperate state, blinded and unaware of their surroundings, barely having a human experience much less anything near the realm of creativity, when we might be most alive. Your work, your thoughts, your intentions on this blog certainly save any of us watching from that fate of numbing unawareness. This is profoundly beautiful, informative, and exciting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your resources and links, your inspirations and observations, and most of all, your art!

  3. Thank you so much for your truly kind and encouraging comments! :)