April 14, 2009

AVAA Life Drawing

copyright 2009 b. scott shaevel | studio712; This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

I'm thoroughly enjoying these tentative beginnings. Each session demands full attention and engagement.... Each pose brings an endless world of challenges within challenges...

Studying visual analysis of forms, proportions, composition, lighting, texture, and expressive nuance. Also deeply enjoying the fundamental exploration, through trial and effort, of drawing materials and methods to gain increments of sensitive control over the media.

Each pose defines a story within which i'm intermittently aware of the incessant cadence of time while in other moments time is nowhere to be found...

1 comment:

  1. I keep coming back to the top sketch and finding such significance in your choice to spend most of your 'chalk' on the space the model didn't consume, rather than drawing her body in so many sketchy lines. In doing that you've shown so well how she intersected the space she in
    which she stood. It's beautiful and thoughtful. The spare lines used to define her really draw the eye in.