October 11, 2009

New Mexico Feeding the Artist's Soul Tour '09

Madrid, Turquoise Trail | Higher and Higher | Epic Day of Adventure

Floating down the Turquoise Trail after epic heights of adventure we soak in the gorgeous landscape on display along this drive and stop as the sun begins to set. Madrid is a mining ghost town nestled on the northeast side of the Sandia Mountains. We stopped for a stroll through this small village of about 400 residents, revived by artists. Dotted with shops, galleries, bed and breakfasts, and The Mineshaft Tavern, we stopped for refreshments with the locals and ghosts of Madrid.

The Mineshaft Tavern

One unique gallery after another

We ride into the sunset the sounds of indian flute music and old west ghosts echoing in our trail bringing an epic day of adventure to a beautiful close.

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