February 4, 2010

Something in the Air...

Essential elements ... awareness | balance | air (breathing).

Participated in my first class at Casa De Luz Center for Integral Studies, in an Ip Sun (which translates to Moving Meditation in Korean) Tai Chi class with Master Vince Cobalis.  The center environment is a hidden treasure in Austin that fosters a relaxed contemplative air as you walk onto the grounds, that deepens the more time, and breaths, you spend there.

I arrived early for the 8pm class and sat quietly soaking in the natural calm of the courtyard with the intent to relax, become aware of my energy, and open myself to the new class.  When Master Cobalis arrived he graciously and with genuine connection welcomed me.  He's the real deal, and I can tell that he will be a superb master to learn from.

I comfortably immersed in the class, and enjoyed the flow and group energy, very nice and welcoming class, worked both with the group and with an individual instructor. She reviewed my posture, breathing, body alignment while teaching me the "12 step" form allowing me to mirror her until I internalized the form and could flow through it on my own.  I have the form steps internalized and have been practicing the form throughout the day yesterday, and will continue to practice it throughout the day until I have the next class this evening.  The class is Tues. and Thurs. evenings (with additional classes available at the training academy of Grand Master Yi, Master Cobalis' teacher, and founder of the World Tukong Moosul Federation)!

Awareness of my inner energy and life force (Chi) and learning to consciously blend it with my intent, breathing, and movement is a core element of my studio creativity.  Whether that's expressed through contemplating  possibilities and sitting in stillness with the uncertainty of the creative process, or while dynamically immersed in a brush stroke, pastel mark, or wield of the palette knife.

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  1. I can just feel the creative energy flowing. The class experience sounds exciting as do all the other wonderful worlds opening up for you. Excited for you about the casa de luz commission. Talk tomorrow, Love, mom