May 8, 2009

In the process of cataloging reference color swatches on Raffine sketch book paper (100lb, off-white 25% cotton, archival sheets) that has a fast velvety feel to it, (even when writing text with a ballpoint pen)! Going to test this paper with Golden acrylic ground for pastels for doing general color chord and color layer build up experiments.  I'm also in the process of digitizing the color sets for use with Corel Painter for digital pastel color/composition experiments. In addition to the full 120 set, I'm making corresponding groups for the Landscape, Portrait, and Still Life oil pastel sets.  A few of the colors (pinks and light yellows) get washed out in the light of the scan so those will have to be digitized by eye.

Sennelier 120 ColorSet

Sennelier 24 Landscape ColorSet

This exercise is a fun, and surprising way to experience every color in the set and to begin internalizing the colors before exploring color schemes and specific compositions. The biggest surprise was the colors.  These sing out and shimmer and I'm eager to see how they play well with others.

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