May 6, 2009

Sennelier bliss....

Oh joy!! The Sennelier 120 Box set arrived today. I lost no time liberating them from their cozy wood storage/display box to center stage at the workstation. Like the starting line up at the Kentucky derby all 120 thoroughbreds are straining in the gate, shimmering at the ready for their rollicking color study furlongs.

I plan to explore each sumptuous stick with a swatch sample as well as creating an equivalent Corel Painter "Senellier 120" digital color swatch set. With the corresponding digital "Sonnelier" pastel palette, I'll employ Painter's wide array of natural media digital oil pastel "brushes" and with the expressive responsiveness of the Wacom pen tablet, will explore endless compositional and color study possibilities in preparation for putting Sennelier pastel to panel. I'll be documenting the work flow process here, as well as posting the pieces, for anyone else that may be interested in exploring this approach to color study and creativity in oil pastels.

Pure Bliss...!

This set of extraordinary pastels is a birthday gift from my parents, whose love and enthusiastic shared enjoyment of my artistic adventure is a joyous, priceless blessing... I dedicate all that flows from this gift to them.

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