October 2, 2009

New Mexico Sketch Tour 09

Day 2 | 10.2.09 El Paso to Albequerque to Santa Fe via the the historic Tourquoise Trail (Hwy 14)

The landscape is epic and jawdropping...one magnificent vista after another. Words and pictures can't convey.... skirted through Albuquerque and quickly onto Hwy 14...aka The Turquoise Trail a 48-mile paved highway that passes through several interesting historic towns (Golden, Madrid, and Los Cerrillos) and the foothills of three mountain ranges (Sandia, Ortiz, and San Pedro Mountains).

The day still primarily spent behind the wheel heading to base camp at the Residence Inn Marriott | Santa Fe. We arrived around 5pm and headed to The Shed restaurant in the historic Plaza, but unable to get in, dined at the Guadalupe Cafe, which was fantastic.

Well, after two days travel, we've arrived and immersed head first into the New Mexico landscape, set up base camp and the mobile studio...and will begin sketch sessions in earnest starting tomorrow.


  1. Great photos! Growing up out there, I get claustrophobic when I see a tree. Travel safely and remember--balloon photos!

  2. Thanks, Michael! Will do....heading to the balloon fiesta tomorrow...photos to follow... :)