October 2, 2009

studio712 New Mexico Sketch Tour 09

Day 1 10.1.09 Austin en route to El Paso.

Heading to Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. This will be the central adventure of a meandering 12-day sketch tour through central and north central New Mexico (Albuquerque, Sante Fe, and Taos).

The mobile studio gear includes a USB Flip video for visual note taking and archiving subjects for future inspiration. Looking forward to experimenting with pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic, and oil pastel sketches and small plein aire paintings in an adventure study of the light and colors of new mexico.

Thoroughly suprised by the grandeur of the west Texas landscape. For the first time gained a visceral appreciation for the vast size of the state. Plains, prairies, foothills, mountains extending in big sky vistas as far as the eye can see. I-10 was as straight a road as I've ever driven for 8 hours, at times with not another car in sight.....it was the single most pleasant highway drive I can remember taking. Yesterday was a travel day, but today will be the first meandering sketch day....stay tuned. :)


  1. Eske's Brew Pub
    106 Des Georges, Taos

  2. Awesome suggestion. We're heading to Taos later in the week and will definitely stop in to Eske's. Thanks for the tip!!