February 9, 2010

Arthouse at the Jones Center 2010 FIVE X SEVEN

Just confirmed an invitation from the Arthouse at the Jones Center asking me to participate in the 2010 11th anniversary of their signature benefit event, called "Five by Seven".  Arthouse is asking Texas-based artists, as well as those who have strong ties to Arthouse or the state, to donate their creativity to this project.

Arthouse will send me four 5" x 7" boards on which I create work(s). All pieces are submitted using the 5" x 7" format (in any media) and signed only on the back side, so they may be displayed anonymously - the artist's name to be revealed only after the work is purchased. Each board is priced at $100, and all proceeds directly support Arthouse's exhibitions and public programs, which are always free of charge.

The fundraiser is on Friday, May 14, 2010 with a preview party for participating artists and their guests on Thursday, May 13. Following the exhibition in Austin, "5x7 On The Road" travels to Houston and Dallas as well as Abilene, where the show co-benefits the Grace Museum; we are looking at the possibility of other cities and venues as well.

Not sure how they heard about me, since I haven't exhibited anywhere other than on this blog, but I am glad to be invited and really looking forward to contributing some artwork to the cause!


  1. That is so exciting! Congratulations and thanks. I love Arthouse and am glad they tagged our favorite local artist. :-) A while back I think we wandered into one of their other annual good times - Ahead of Their Time - Austin area advanced student art exhibition. They were showing plans for the capital campaign, now underway, with the hope of funding for some construction taking place as we speak, if I'm not mistaken. Austin so desperately needs this resource, and more like it. Thanks for your generous help to our community. How cool!!

  2. Yeah, I love the Arthouse and their community programs. I remember that day we strolled through the Ahead of Their Time exhibit...wonderful stuff...glad to be a part of that and support it in any way I can... :)))!! They're sending me 4 boards so bet you could do a collage or water color on one or so and we could sneek it in if you want... ;)

  3. Congratulations Brad. You deserve the best 'cause you are the best.
    Aunty Barbara

  4. Did you get the four boards yet? Have you thought about what you want to do for this ultra fun experiment?