February 4, 2010

New Commission Project

I've confirmed with Jinji at Casa de Luz that I've been commissioned to provide 5 drawings for use in their new and expanded 2nd edition community cookbook!  These drawings will be done digitally in greyscale pen and ink style showing different scenes including:

1. The Casa de Luz front entry gate and pathway;  2. The arbor framing the entry way to the dining room; 3. a dining room "runner" handing a plate to someone making eye to eye contact with a smile of gratitude seated at a round dining table that suggests multiple people;  4. The kitchen with staff cooking; and 5) a person looking outside their home window into their garden of fresh vegetables and food items (suggesting that these fresh grown items will be cooked using the cookbook).  I'll be working from reference photo's supplied by Jinji, and will be journaling the project process and results as it unfolds.  This is a very exciting project and a wonderful introduction into the Casa de Luz community! :)))

1 comment:

  1. Score! A great commission in a beautiful setting with lovely people and delicious food. Congrats. I'm sure the drawings will add a special sense of warmth to a cookbook I'm looking forward to having on my kitchen counter soon!